Myra is a fantasy-world, so there is magic. If you know D&D or related D20 material, you will more or less know what is possible and what isn't. Exceptions can and will be made for an exceptionally good story, as long as the balance of the world isn't toppled. Some wise men control even greater magic that spans (or burns) hundreds of miles and affects thousands of people - but such magic is extremely rare and only taught in the great Schools of Wizardry, of which the MSM Esoteria, the Myra School of Magic, is the greatest. A smaller one is the Hermund School of Wizardry.

The level of magic you'll find is much lower than in classic D20 worlds (but higher than for example in Tolkien's Middle-earth), magic treasures and magic weapons will be extremely rare but can happen and can be very powerful.

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