Kaezin Traveler by Atabei

Kaezin traveller (by Atabei)

The Kaezin are the cat-people from the Bloody Belt. Known Kaezins include Aori and Naomi, Cogi, Dori and Mauci.


Rather small cat-humans, living in villages like humans, Kaezins seem like human girls with cat fur and cat-tail. As with dwarves where noone ever sees a female dwarf, no male Kaezin has been seen yet in the outside world. Kaezins combine their size of only four to five feet height with a patent dislike for fighting, which is why they tend to go for Aborginos as male protectors. Their home region is the Golden River in the Bloody Belt, in the Ophis of Nykerien or Karcanon mostly, but single Kaezinnen have been caught and sold off as female slaves for rich humans. By themselves they will only accept the strongest ones as mates and masters.

Man sagt, daß Kaezinnen nur über ein begrenztes natürliches Lebensalter verfügen, anscheinend werden sie selten älter als 15 Jahre. Außerdem scheinen sie ziemlich wasserscheu zu sein.

In Iridistra kennt man ( seit ca 435 n.P.) inzwischen auch die Kaezin Luzie, die als Traumritter-Novizin von sich reden macht.