Der Hengster Caronj wie Dirk Schulz ihn für SL1 sieht.

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Hengster are Hybrids, half human, half horse, mostly with a human upper body on a horse body but there are many other appearances. They came from the Bloody Belt, the former ShadowZone, before they moved to the Prepararbajo Forest where they once had a strong empire. Now they nearly extinct. It seems that they have been a people of predators: At the beginning of the dark age a hengster named Caronj was known in Aegyrland. The pfader (See explanation when "Races of Myra" P is translated) considered him to be an unscrupulous robber. And another hengster accompanied by a druid is said to have been attacking caravans in Cubanar around 415 n.P.. A whole nation of Hengster are the Yerba on Nykerien. Player race: Yes (as single adventurer) / Role-play race: Yes

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Innenillu Band 168 - 2

Auch weibliche Hengster sind bekannt. Bild: (c) Jochen Fortmann für My168, used with permission

Die Hengster sind Mischwesen aus Mensch und Pferd, weshalb man sie auch als Pferdemenschen bezeichnet und mit den Yerba zu diesen rechnet. Im Altertum fand man Hengster, wie viele Mischwesen, vor allem am Rand der Schattenzone.

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